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Blog Posts in May

  • "Disaster Recovery" superimposed over a photo of a sunset behind a house

    Recovering from Natural Disasters

    Recently, thousands of families have been impacted by flooding in the Southeastern United States, with damage seen extensively ...

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  • Nice outdoor patio setting on warm summer day

    Color: A Better Outdoor Bird and Bug Repellent

    Nothing can spoil a pleasant afternoon lounging on your porch or deck than a flock of unruly birds or a swarm of insects. Whether ...

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  • Gorgeous outdoor deck with beautiful wood floor

    Best Wood for Outdoor Decks

    Adding a deck to your home is a great way to expand your outdoor living space while also adding value to your home. Choosing which ...

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  • Frequently Encountered House Painting Issues: Cedar Bleed and Tannin Stain

    Cedar bleed or bleeding of the tannins in the wood, is one of the most common problems we experience in the residential painting ...

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