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Blog Posts in July

  • Photo of a partially dark-blue painted white wall, on the right is a red-handled paint roller brush

    How to Paint Over Wallpaper

    If you've ever tried to remove wallpaper, you know it isn't as easy as simply finding a seam and pulling it off the wall. ...

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  • Photo of someone peeling wallpaper away from a wall using a metal scraper

    How Long Does It Take to Remove Wallpaper?

    Wallpaper goes in and out of fashion, but it's often used as a way to make a dramatic statement in the home or to cover up a wall ...

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  • Photo of a dark doorknob on a yellow door

    How to Paint Door Knobs

    Are you tired of your old brass door knobs from 1985? Don’t spend money on new hardware just yet – the budget-friendly way to ...

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  • Person using a paint roller to paint a metal garage door with white paint

    How to Paint Metal Garage Doors

    Faded, peeling, or cracked paint on your garage doors can detract from curb appeal, dragging down the appearance of your entire ...

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