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Blog Posts in March

  • Living room with grey walls

    Repaint the Living Room: How to choose the right colors to complement permanent features

    The living room is where you entertain guests and as such is a very important part of your home. If it’s time to give your living ...

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  • Blog title superimposed over a photo of a desk piled with folders & a coffee cup

    Home Office Organizing Tips

    If you have been looking for simple home office organizing tips, you have come to the right place! Your home office is arguably ...

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  • Boy's Bedroom Makeover: Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Little Guys

    After busy summer days filled with sports, music lessons, hiking trips and everything and anything in between, boys look to ...

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  • Picture of a small boy dressed in a Superman costume

    DIY Superhero Bedroom for Boys

    Superheros make for the perfect decorating theme for a boys bedroom. If your son is into, nay obsessed with, superheroes then a ...

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