"We wanted to create
a great-tasting,
healthy energy drink

because we all need it now more than ever. We packed it with vitamins and nutrients that work to boost our immune systems and provide us the healthy dose of the natural caffeine we need for focus, balance, and success throughout our day."

Zoa Founders

Dwayne Johnson

Chief Energy Officer

You know him as The Rock, 10-time champion wrestler and Hollywood legend— We know him as our tireless creator who went back to the drawing board multiple times to add even more immune boosting ingredients to our recipe.

Dany Garcia

Dany Garcia

Chief Visionary Officer

An inspiration to women everywhere—professional bodybuilder, visionary businesswoman, mom and first-female owner of a major professional sports league, Dany is the guardian of the heart of ZOA making sure that our ingredients and our impact are always for good.

Dave Rienzi

Chief Health Officer

The Strength Coach of the world’s most sculpted, elite athletes and a IFBB pro bodybuilder himself, Dave is an innovator in health and fitness who helps mere mortals achieve god-like strength. Thanks to Dave, ZOA is fortified with strengthening ingredients to make your workout count.

John Shulman

Chief Positivity Officer

Founder of Juggernaut Capital Partners, John has over 25 years of experience creating and promoting products that make people’s lives better, happier and healthier. He ensures that ZOA is on shelves near you, ready to fuel everyday warriors with the positive energy they need.

Zoa Brand Values

Life. Positive.

We see ourselves as a source of positive strength that helps Everyday Warriors thrive in their daily efforts.

Healthy Energy

We care about what goes into the body so we carefully select the highest quality and healthiest ingredients.

Lift Others Up

We believe in putting others before ourselves, because when our neighbors win - we win.