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Great bag

Great bag for the price. Zippered compartments for dark pieces, light pieces, and a clock. What else can you ask for?

Great pieces

They're a great weight and the plastic feels fantastic.

Every bit of advertised, love it

DGT Centaur Chess Computer
Lesley Harmanson
DGT Centaur Chess Computer

It’s all true; Great Service, Great set, Safe Packaging,
100% Satisfaction and right on time,
Awesome teaching and learning set!
Really impressed with the analyzing, hints, corrections and being able to play without being online or any other devices as if this set was designed with me in mind

Amazing set!

A remarkable chess set, very detailed, pieces are uniquely crafted, the quality is outstanding! The only downside was its weight cause I had to ship it to Egypt, but it was worth the trouble :)

Bishop chess piece

Excellent in all aspects:
Promptness, packaging, item itself - thank you ⭐

Chess House Logo Cap
Robert Gavrich
Who argues with free?

Came free with order, fully adjustable, quite comfortable, looks sharp. I like there's no words on it, just the logo.

Awesome demo board

Have used it twice now for my group class, and it is sturdy, easy to slip pieces in and out, and highly visible to the back of the room.

Great product, great price. And service and delivery was impeccable.

Replacement piece's

First time doing business with this company. Piece's I bought we're perfect. Came with in less then a week.

Delivered promtly!

In good order.

Just what I was looking for

I got this set for an 11-year-old who is interested in chess, but didn't have his own. I was amazed at how well the pieces are cast: you can hardly see a seam in the plastic, and the weight and size are great. They are substantial enough that I have no concerns about breakage. I also like the rollup board because it's easy to fold without putting creases in it. The pieces and the folded board fit beautifully in a Dopp bag (nylon toiletries kit), and now my young friend can easily take the set anywhere.
P.S.: the extra queens are a nice bonus.

Everything about this order was great except...

So I ordered a frosted rook to replace the one that I lost from my original set. The price was fine. And the delivery was relatively quick. The only problem is it looks like their rook is slightly bigger than the one from my set. I'm hoping maybe they have one in my size that I can exchange this for?

Move Recognizion Problems

For some reason it’s not responding to some of my moves. Sometimes I have to try the move several times before it recognizes it. At times I use my finger to press on the squares and this is intermittent as well. Very frustrating. I have not found that the problem is only with certain squares. On the other hand most moves are recognized and things work very smoothly. I am sure others have had the same problem and hopefully you can tell me a fix . I am pleased with the board but would be very pleased if it wasn't for this one problem. Thanks for your help and response.

Good, just late

Liked the pieces and weight of them. Hard to find any other place that I can buy just one type of piece and not a whole set. Delivery was late.

Well made, fast shipping

Exactly what i was expected. Big enough for all 34 pieces set. The box itself is well made with amazing wood. The divider is removable so you can adjust any time.

DGT Classic Chess Pieces
Christopher D Hopkins
A worthy upgrade

If you've invested in a DGT Smart Board, then do yourself a favor and pick up these pieces. While you can play Chess with most rudimentary components, quality pieces like these enhances the experience.

DEAL ITEM: DGT Smart Board - Electronic Interface Chess Set - Without Pieces
Christopher D Hopkins
Great combination of price and value

I looked at all the other vendors, and I couldn't find this board at a comparable price. Chess House went the extra mile to get it to me fast and securely. I live in an apartment complex, and Chess House offered an alternative delivery option to reduce the possibility that it would be stolen. Much appreciated.


Ambassador 21” is Amazing. Everything as expected and more. Very satisfied. Highly recommend.

How to Play the Rules of Chess by Chess House

Received this book , like the information easy explanations, great addition for any chess set gift and players, not a chess player yet but rest of family is and definitely will take strategy from it. Thanks!!

16” green and white. Marble chess set

Purchased this set for a very special family gift for our grandchildren, 10 and 12 years old as they have been learning chess with Grandpa. Our 12 year old grandson joined school chess club, making friends, thinking strategy, interacting with others. Nice change from video games! The website photo caught my eye as classic and elegant. Was very happy overall with this set. The marble green pieces are stunning with lots of black marbling accents swirled in. The size is perfect and very sturdy white pieces did not have grey marbling, just solid white pieces Talked to Josh at customer service who graciously offered to find other white pieces. This would have been extremely time consuming and other options were offered. I decided to keep set, with all the problems in the world didn’t think all white was such a big problem. Worked out another option , Josh really went above and beyond wanting to make me very satisfied. We gave Chess House set as an early special family Christmas gift. They were absolutely thrilled with it and our 10 year old granddaughter loved the white chess pieces. Said they looked like they were made from pearls from the ocean!! Who could ask for more than that!!! Customer service is above and beyond,genuine, sincere patient and professional in resolving any issues and making everything right. Also was not aware of any chess piece bags at the time I ordered set. I just ordered them, talked with Paul another great customer service representative I suggest they might highlight chess piece bags as optional purchase when customers order sets as I would have included them in my original order. The Rules of Chess book is a great accessory and interesting, can’t wait to add bags and book to kids set. Chess House quality and customer service is exceptional and would highly recommend any purchases made with them!!!

Nice overseas shipment

This set is beautiful and sturdy, shipment to Spain was very fast and I am very happy with my purchase and the shopping experience.


Amazing its perfect

Beautiful, N's in particular I like

Wonderful quality as always. Great customer service. This is my second set from Chesshouse. By the way there was a problem with the quality of two pieces with my first order, and they made that right fast! No problems with this set, and the knights in particular are I think strikingly beautiful. A joy to play with and a nice contrast with my traditional Staunton set.

I'd love to give a review, but I haven't received it yet.
Problem somewhere?

Easy Setup. Nice portable size. But NO CONNECTION with on iOS devices.

I cannot add much to the reviews below. I like the size as it's easy to use on small table or space. Easy connection to Lichess.

I should have read the fine print better as I am looking for a connection to with my iOS device. Millennium has been maddeningly slow in bringing out the iOS option.