ZOA Lemon Lime
ZOA Lemon Lime
ZOA Lemon Lime
ZOA Lemon Lime
ZOA Lemon Lime
ZOA Lemon Lime

100 Calorie Energy Drink

Lemon Lime

The fresh-squeezed flavor of tropical lemons and limes. A delicious balance of sweet and tart to wake up your taste buds (and you.)
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16oz 12 Pack
16oz 12 Pack
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Healthy Warrior Blend

  • Immunity


    100% DV Vitamin C (from
    Camu Camu, Acerola,
    Asorbic Acid)
  • Focus


    Vitamins B6 & B12
    plus Choline
  • Hydration


    Potassium & Magnesium
  • Body


    250mg Branched-Chain
    Amino acids
  • Energy


    160mg Caffeine from Green Tea
    Extract & Green Coffee,
    plus Vitamins B1 & B2


Our team of experts has answers

ZOA is designed to support healthy immunity while providing a boost of energy and hydration. It contains a unique blend of 100% DV Vitamin C from natural sources including Camu Camu and Acerola plus B-vitamins and electrolytes.

ZOA is made for an Everyday Warrior whose busy schedule requires energy boosts throughout the day. ZOA moments could be 6 AM Morning Hustle, 2 PM Post-Lunch, 4 PM Afternoon Meeting, 6 PM Post Workout.

ZOA provides natural green tea extract & green coffee to give our Everyday Warrior 160mg of caffeine.

The ZERO Sugar version has only 15 calories and contains no sugar. The 100 Calorie version contains just the right amount of sugar for those who prefer that taste.

We know Everyday Warriors all have different sweetener preferences. That's why we offer every ZOA flavor in 2 sweetener versions:

-100 calorie with a combination of natural sugar and Stevia

-15 calorie with Sucralose and Ace K

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